My older brother is a very enthusiastic soccer fan.

Morton said that I should obey the teacher.

I was looking at Konrad.

Two thousand American soldiers were killed.

Lori complained about the noise.

He's being threatened by a certain gangster.

I saw a funny clown with a big red nose.

Kyle dozed off sitting in the sun on his front porch.

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Appearances can be deceptive.


She woke up just in time to go to school.

There are about 1,800 billionaires in the world.

You're supposed to be asleep!


Honesty is not always the best policy.

She moved to a warmer place for the sake of her health.

Let Carlos use my dressing room.

"Have you finished?" "On the contrary I have not even begun yet."

Honzo is one of my best students.

Liisa's father believed his daughter needed basic survival instincts.

That's a question that I can answer.

He's proud of never being late to school.

I was sorry to hear about her.


They charged me with the important task.

He derived much money from his small business.

We're always doing something.

The police searched for the lost boy.

Susumu isn't handling the situation very well.


Mother prepared lunch for me.

You shall love your neighbor as yourself.

Vladimir seemed to understand.

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I said back off!


Dating him is probably a bad idea.

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Juliet came back into the living room.

Please don't ask me any more questions.

He has adapted extremely well.


I don't know what your problem is.


Smoking may be lethal.

One shouldn't betray one's friends.

I took him out for a walk.

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Isabelle wanted to impress her friends.


Then why are you crying?

The weather is crook.

Connie said you were meeting him for lunch.

He was too tired to study.

She has a rich boyfriend.

This little girl lives in Brazil.

The temperature is lower than usual.

Do you think I can't handle this?

Hank gets mad very easily.

And why isn't this an interesting topic?

Now is the time I got to speak out.

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The soccer game attracted a large crowd.

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The school was ranked tenth out of three hundred high schools statewide.

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Jan abstains from alcohol.


Italy invests in small and middle industries, while America invests in large industries.


She made me promise not to tell.

He has a daughter who is very pretty.

He was nice to me.

They all smiled.

They didn't speak English very well.

The war ended in victory for the Allied Powers.

Excuse me, is Billie here today?

Are you saying there's still a chance Spike will graduate with the rest of his class?

It was used only from time to time.


We must clean our classroom.


Who wants to come with me to see "Thor"?

I play the guitar.

Do you really expect me to answer that?

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Are you sure that you want to do this?


I wish I could sing as well as Lady Gaga.

This rose is very beautiful.

The worst has happened.


I've never been happier in my life.


I let it go.

I haven't been doing this for very long.

The soldier became a teacher.

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We should be there.

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Truman had three difficult choices.


Domestic corn's wild precursor was teosinte.

Jef pushed Knute out of the room.

Keith claimed that he could run faster than Graham.

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That's my gym bag.

Kelvin didn't answer Shamim.

Kerri saved my life.


We should have done it.

The train will remain at this station for approximately 2 minutes.

It's this book.

I never should've let you go home alone last night.

I will leave when John comes.


Did you see the news?

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You'd better order replacements.


I want to talk to the police.

I enjoy traveling.

They fell into the difficult problems.

We tricked him.

Our records show that the invoice No.1111 is still outstanding.

Peugeot, Renault and Citroen are French car manufacturers.

Of course you can trust me. Have I ever given you a bum steer before?

What are you doing here this time of night?

The new coalition government is trying to ride out the storm.

Vince ran back to the bunker.

Indra is the person who hit Jakob.


Water and ice are the same substance in different forms.

Return this book as soon as you can.

Don't you ever cheat on me, you foxy!


That robot came in handy for many things.

Larry is extremely grumpy.

The entire mountain changes color in autumn.

Kevin is loyal.

He went to the bus stop, and the bus took off.

At last he found out the truth.

He does not run.

Please give me a cup of water.

The mischievous son loved his dad.

He was making out with Greg.

Bert had his wallet stolen on the train.

I'm sure Mitch misses Fletcher.

The death of Ronnie James Dio made me very sad.

Oh, "that's a good idea," she said.

Ravi is in a bad mood this morning.

She's just my friend.

This is very simple.

The coins are made of metal.

Which color do you like more, blue or red?

Yvonne is taller than Kari.

Alain takes good care of his car.

We heard the sound of helicopters overhead.

He's standing behind the wall.

When I was asked by my wife where I was going tomorrow and with whom, I rushed it and ended up giving a confused answer.

They were cooperative.


Can I email from here?

Klaudia admits he wasn't sure.

G-Dragon is my future husband. He may not know it yet, but it's set in stone.

Well, what do you think we should do?

Elvis and Stacy are both on the phone.

It's wonderful that we're all gathered here today.

Everyone liked him.

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I accepted the offer.

What are all those bruises?

She made a scene about it.

Um, there's something I want to ask you about.

We saw a beautiful orchid with deciduous leaves.

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Just mind your own business, please.

I don't think that story is true.

Do you agree with them?


Why do you want to go fishing?


Thank you for helping me correct the situation.

Let's see if this makes sense.

The CEO doesn't take his cellphone when he's not working.

Stacey has been watching Skeeter like a hawk all morning.

We see.

Whenever you come, I'm ready.

We're in an open war.

She will attend the meeting instead of me.

By virtue of frugality he has made a fortune.

Everyone seems to be busy but me.

I've been here since Monday.


She says she likes flowers.

Tomas didn't give me a chance to explain what I meant.

She never listens to the teacher.


Another beer please.